Individual Fundraising

The fundraising opportunities listed on this page are designed to provide funds to student's individual band accounts.  Funds in these accounts can be used to pay for shoes, books, uniform damage, and upcoming trips.

How does Individual Fundraising work?

While we must have some fundraisers that are intended only for raising money for the band general fund, other fundraisers lend themselves easily to raising money that can be credited to an individual student. For 2023, the majority of students are using these funds to pay for the Orlando trip, but these are intended to carry forward indefinitely, and the funds raise can be used for reimbursement for shoes, show shirts, ball caps, books, other band related expenses approved by the directors..or even the next trip in 2027! Because of this, individual fundraising is open to students in 8th grade through high school. 

Individual funds are NOT actual bank accounts. The Band Booster money is in the Eagle Club bank account, and they provide monthly reports with the balance allocated to Band. From that, we use a database to track our general fund and individual fund balances. Please note that funds are not immediately available for withdraw - we have to know that payment from the vendor has been issued before we can credit your account.  If you ever want to check your balance or if you have questions about your account, you can email

At the end of senior year, you can choose to roll any remaining balance over to a younger sibling, who is in at least 7th grade, or the funds will roll back into the General band fund.

For more information, please review:   Individual Student Financial Accounts (SFAs) 

Individual Account Distribution

To use funds from Individual account for payment: 

Individual Student Financial Account Transfer Request 

RaiseRight (formerly Shop with Scrip)

Ongoing, beginning 3/2/2022

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Concession Stands

We are required to help support our parent organization, the Liberty North Eagle Club, but staffing 3 concession stands/year.

Note that you may visit the Eagle Club Concessions website and sign up to staff any concession stand you wish- but be sure to list your name and "Band" as the recipient on the deposit form AND email the band booster email ( so that we know to watch for a payout from Eagle Club - and who to credit!

For orientation, overall schedule, general instructions, and information on concession stand payout: LNHS Eagle Club Concessions