For Parents


To get signed up, text the corresponding class code below to this number: 81010

All parents are encouraged to sign for Band Booster Remind Codes, based on your student(s) grade(s).

Students have their own codes. 1 Parent is allowed to sign-up for your student(s) grade(s).


23-24 Sophomores: @lnhsbb2026

23-24 Freshmen: @lnhsbb2027

23-24 8th Graders: @lnhsbb2028

23-24 7th Graders: @lnhsbb2029

All other new parent sign ups: @lnhsbandb2


All band students need marching shoes and a band ball cap. All non-percussionists need gloves. Percussionists are required to pay a $125 usage fee for the year. All woodwinds and brass that play a school owned instrument full time are required to pay a $300 rental fee.  All of these items can be ordered and paid for at this link:


The form found at the link below is required to be filled out by a parent for each band student according to new guidelines from the Missouri State High School Activity Association.

Field Trip Form

LPS requires all fine arts students complete a field trip form when riding a school bus out of district to an event. Please see the Field Trip Form below. Students must have this form on file in order to be allowed to attend any band trips.

Field Trip Form

Band Handbook

Please see the band handbook below for all policies and procedures pertaining to the LNHS Band Program. 

Bank Handbook

1st Hour Advanced Band Early Rehearsals

All students in the advanced band which meets 1st hour begin rehearsal at 7 am everyday other than Wednesday and continue to the end of 1st hour. We maintain this schedule until October 20 when the competitive marching season ends. During concert band season, the Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band meet early only a few times as needed, in preparation for a performance. 

Explanation of Concert Season

For the past several years, we have been able to fill 3 full concert bands. Our numbers are down slightly this year and instrumentation is insufficient to adequately fill 3 bands. All students in the 2nd hour band class should currently have 1st hour flex. At some point during the last week of October, 2nd hour band students who play woodwind or brass will have schedules changed to 1st hour band and 2nd hour flex. They will become part of the Symphonic Band. Students in 2nd hour that play percussion will stay with the same schedule and perform as a stand alone percussion ensemble all year. For Questions, please contact Mr. Fuller

Activity Schedule

The Activity Schedule for the full year is below. 

Activity Schedule

Parent Packet and Forms